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When was your last inspection?

Get a free 30 minute roof inspection to identify any visible defects and assess the overall condition of your roof. Regular roof inspections can help identify and fix issues early, extend the life of your roof and maintain your home's value.

No cost, no obligation.

Small issues
can turn into
big problems.

Roof leaks can go undetected for years, but at some point a small leak can turn into an emergency. If left without repair, leaks can cause costly damage to a home, such as structural damage from rotten wood. We offer free inspections to help identify potential water intrusion points. Take a look below to see what we've found on recent inspections. If you already have a leak and need quicker assistance, please give us a call.

Missing shingle found on a roof inspection in Sterling Heights

Missing or damaged shingles

Shingles act as a protective barrier against water infiltration. When shingles are missing or damaged, it creates openings through which water can penetrate the roof. This can result in leaks inside the house, leading to water damage to ceilings, walls, insulation, and personal belongings.

Defective chimney flashing found on an inspection in West Bloomfield

Flashing Failure

Roof flashing is a crucial component of a roofing system that is designed to prevent water from infiltrating vulnerable areas, such as roof valleys, chimneys, skylights, vents, and intersections with walls or dormers. Flashing can fail over time due to reasons such as: Aging and Weathering, Poor Installation, Thermal Expansion and Contraction, Wind Damage, Physical Damage (falling branches or debris), Settling or Shifting of the Building, or lack of maintenance.

Exposed nail heads found on an inspection in Farmington Hills

Exposed Nail Heads

If nail heads are exposed due to improper installation, the shingles may not be properly sealed or secured. This creates openings where water can penetrate the roof system, leading to leaks and water damage. Exposed nail heads can also cause damage to the shingles themselves. Over time, the constant exposure to the elements can cause the nail heads to rust or corrode, which can result in the shingles being lifted or compromised. This can lead to further water infiltration and potential shingle failure.

Cracked pipe boot found on an inspection in West Bloomfield

Pipe boot failure

Pipe boots are exposed to the elements, including UV rays, temperature fluctuations, and harsh weather conditions. Over time, the rubber material used in pipe boots can degrade and deteriorate, losing its flexibility and waterproofing properties. This can result in cracks, tears, or shrinkage, compromising the seal around the vent pipe. Metal pipe boots can also be susceptible to corrosion over time. Corrosion can weaken the metal, leading to cracks, holes, or compromised integrity, which can result in water infiltration.

Significant granule loss found on an inspection in Commerce Township

Granule loss

Granule loss refers to the loss of the protective granules on the surface of asphalt shingles. When granules are lost from asphalt shingles, it can indicate underlying issues or lead to potential problems. If you notice significant granule loss on your shingles, it may be a sign of shingle deterioration or other underlying issues. We can inspect the roof to assess its condition and determine if any repairs or replacement are necessary to maintain the roof's performance and integrity.

Improper repair attempt found on an inspection in West Bloomfield

Improper repairs

Using inappropriate or inadequate roof repair products, such as Flex Seal or similar products, can lead to various problems and may not effectively address the underlying issues. Many liquid sealants may not be durable enough to withstand harsh outdoor conditions like UV radiation and weather elements. Over time, these products can degrade, crack, or peel, leaving the roof vulnerable to further damage. While they may offer some level of water resistance, they may not provide a truly watertight seal. Using incompatible products can cause chemical reactions or damage to the existing roofing materials, exacerbating the issue and potentially voiding any warranties.

Damaged ridge vent found on an inspection in Sterling Heights

Damaged ventilation

Damaged ridge vents or box vents on a roof can create openings or access points for animals to enter the attic or roof space. Once animals, such as birds, squirrels, raccoons, or bats, find their way into the attic or roof space, they may use it as a shelter or nesting site. Animals can cause damage to insulation, wiring, and other materials in the attic by chewing, scratching, or building nests. This can lead to costly repairs and potential safety hazards.

Nail pop found on a roof inspection in Farmington Hills

Nail pops

Nail pops are a common issue in roofs and refer to nails that have become partially or fully dislodged from the roof decking or sheathing. These nails can push up and create visible bumps or "pops" on the surface of the roof. Nail pops can create openings or gaps in the roofing materials. These gaps can allow water to enter the roof system, potentially leading to water damage, rot, and mold growth. It's important to address nail pops promptly to prevent water infiltration and subsequent issues.


What our customers are saying


It can be difficult to tell the exact age of a roof. We can provide a professional opinion on how many years you should have left on your roof (the avg. lifespan of a roof is around 20-30 years). However, this is still just an educated guess. There are many factors that play into the lifespan of a roof. 

After the inspection we can give you a repair estimate to correct any issues with your roof. There is no pressure or obligation to have us do the repair and we will never pressure you to buy a new roof from us. However, if you would like a quote for replacement, we would be happy to help. 

It depends on how simple or complex the repair is. Minor repairs typically cost around $150 - $400, moderate repairs typically cost around $400 - $1000, and extensive repairs (such as major leaks with structural repairs) can cost between $1000 - $3000. Even if we provide a free inspection, there is no obligation to have us do the repair.

Yes, we can. If you have an older roof with 3-tab shingles, it may be difficult to find an exact match, as many 3-tab shingles have been discontinued. If this is the case, we will find you the closest match readily available.

30 minute inspection

Help protect your home with a free roof inspection. It's easy to schedule and inspections only take around 30 minutes on average.

No cost, no obligation.

No cost, no obligation.

*Terms and conditions apply. Free inspections are not redeemable for their cash value. Inspections must be within our service area. Asphalt shingle roofs only. Requests must be made by homeowner. We reserve the right to refuse service or rescind this offer at any time for any reason.

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